She's Wet!

Posted by FrankP on Sep 5, 2005

Finally got to test my NorthBay after nearly 2 years of building. I am very happy with her though she seems to weathercock more than I remember the demo boat doing. Then again, I was on a tidal river with mine and a protected bay with the demo so that may have an effect.

She was a little tippy at first but after about half an hour she feels perfect. Responds to turns fairly well, though a little slower than I remember--maybe that was the greenland paddle) and edges nicely. I didn't bring the skeg with me on this trip as I need to make some rigging modifications and I knew I could paddle without it. The goal was to get her in the water. No pictures, unfortunately, but there's always next weekend.

I need to adjust my seat a bit, as my left leg is still going numb after about 20 minutes in the boat.

Other things I need to fix--flush hatches are a bit leaky. They are flatter than I thought they were and the hatch seals that come with the hatch kit just didn't cut it. I need to find some rubber gaskets or something.

Rear bulkhead needs a bit of adjustment, I think. Perhaps move it back about 3 inches so I have some more room behind me in the cockpit.

I need to still add a bit of epoxy in spots that seem to have been missed, and then get to varnishing at some point. For now, I'll paddle her without varnish.

Pictures, need pictures from the water!

So I also tried out the greenland paddle for the first time, and I've decided I really like it. At least with a boat as narrow as the NorthBay. It sucked using it on a big plastic boat but with the NB it's fantastic. Light, easy to swing, and I seem to have a more natural stroke using it than with a euro paddle.

Just want to thank everyone for helping me get all the kinks worked out of all my modifications