Re: whale food

Posted by Chris Taylor on Aug 26, 2005

Baleen whales (Minkies, Blue, humpback) eat kril (a tiny shrimp that they filter from the water). Belugas and porpoises eat fish I believe. Killers (which you will not find in the Gulf of SL) eat fish and seals. I have never heard of a whale attacking a person or upsetting kayak, but I really don't know. In my very limited experience this summer, they seem aware of your presence, but just go about their business. One beluga seemed curious and doubled back to circle our boats slowly to have a better look. For those following this thread, I want to point out that we were in a protected marine wildlife area and you are required to not pursue or approach the whales within a few hundred metres. But there were so many that if you just park yourself for a few minutes they often pop up right next to you or swim directly towards you. If this happens you are asked to remain still so to not stress them. Belugas, in particular, are endangered in this area due to human activity.

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