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Posted by Dave S on Aug 25, 2005

Well Lary.....Procrastinators unite...I hear there's a forum for them can look for it next week!

I bought a one quart kit at home Depot to try out last year. Did some canoe paddles with it that were splitting at the blades, also epoxied coated the Bulkheads that I cut out for the MC 13 for a test . The stuff is tough as nails and is easy to work. The deal is don't mix more than you need cause it has a 20 minute pot life.

Tips for scarfs that I've learned in the last couple of days #1-Work from an absolutelt straight long edge with your framing square and scribe another absolutely square line about a pencil point width from the end across the blank to be scarfed. #2-With your exceedingly sharp ( you can shave with mine) block plane, work to that pencil line to be sure the blank end is square. #3-Then measure back and draw your pencil reference mark on each blank. #4-Stairstep the blanks as described in the manual and go to it. Actually only takes about 10 minutes to get a good scarf angle. As with most work...prep is the trick to it. Plane works best at about a 45 degree angle to the work.

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