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Posted by Dave S on Aug 25, 2005

Well Mac, You're almost right.....Was married is the operative phrase.

And the Point Bank seems to be administered to by the same folks who orchestrated teh S%L scandal some years ago. There's a very low interest rate and there's a million and one ways that the account can be drained. Interestingly enough, the disclosure form mentions none of the actions that may potentially bankrupt the account.

Og should have just kept floating on the log down river....

Now back to the important stuff. The bow eye is laminated from three pieces of 1/4 " white oak, grain at 90 degrees to each other. P/U glue and clamped overnight. Epoxied the 1/2 inch copper in place, then chamfered and relieved the area in front where the rope would lay.

Takes longer to tell about it then the actual time to build it.

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