My new favorite thing

Posted by Gober on Aug 16, 2005

Tabbing, I LOVE IT. On my first boat I glued the wires in, and then used a hot soldering iron to remove the wires. This technique left light colored lines in the fillets. On this boat I stitched her up then dabbed small amounts of thickened epoxy near all the wires, the next day I simply cut all the wire out and now I can do the fillets. Now I am building boat #2, a gift for my twin brother that is about to leave the navy. I feel like I have really been rocking on his boat. My boat has been in progress for a year an a half. His boat has almost been building its self. I think I'll have them at the same stage here in a few weeks. It’s amazing how much time I wasted on my boat just thinking, doubting, thinking, and worst of all sanding.

The best thing about tabbing, I didn’t burn myself…


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