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Posted by Petewp on Aug 15, 2005

OK... you're forgiven you may paddle those lakes and such.

Something to consider on the cape when the ocean side gets a bit choppy [unless you like 5' swell] -is Cape Cod bay . Wellfleet has this cool harbor that gives access [and some great landscape eye candy] plus a whole lotta wetlands. Last time I was at the Cape I stayed at the Blue Dolphin in North Eastham. Excellent location - Eastham - as its pretty much smack in the middle of the outer cape with wetlands coming up from Chatham or in from the bayside around Welfleet as mentioned. Whats cool too are these nifty trails [I brought my mountain bike that time] they put good coin into building these wooden walk/bike ways that sweep you across the vistas.

Oh man, its all comiong back to me now...waking up early and biking out to the bluffs at North Eastham to see the red and white lighthouse appear out of the fog like an apparition - and the solitude [I went in may]. I thought it so cool that a local gave me great directions that transversed out of town private property owners lawns and such. Im going back this fall after the masses leave and it becomes a ghost town again.

God I love that.

Anyway, yes, check out the bayside too - oh and Racepoint too can offer these pristine flat paddling conditions if thats your medicine.

At top pic? Monomoy... inbetween the break that seperates the island on the east side [protected by a barrier beach so less surf] are the seals basking in the sun. How cool is it to paddle that destination.

But your experience will be your own - let me know.


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