Re: slow drying varnish

Posted by Steve Miller on Aug 14, 2005

How long since your last epoxy fill coat? Did you sand it or wash it then sand it? Epoxy continues to cure after it gets hard. I like to wait two weeks or more before varnishing. Be sure to water wash the epoxy at some point in the prep for varnish process. Warm water and a 3M scrubber pad. This is such a common question on the forum I think CLC should address it in the manuals included with the kits.

Also what brand of varnish are you using? I have had Interlux Schooner 96 do the slow dry thing over epoxy. Have heard reports that other brands are less prone to it.

The varnish should be ok in 48 hours or so. Can you get it out in the sun for an hour or so? That will help.

In Response to: Re: slow drying varnish by J.Schott on Aug 13, 2005