Re: Sail for the MC 16.5

Posted by KirkE on Aug 11, 2005

I still must test my setup more before passing judgment on the balance of the sail with the leeboard position, but am leaning towards what I have. If I can take care of the vortex issue.

This rig comes from the Klepper kayak I have. It is a rather old and tired fellow that I got used. Last year, the skin wouldn't fit anymore, and so, I decided to build the Mill Creek.

Since the sail rig fits on a boat that was its inspiration, I would think that the position of the leeboard would be fairly close to the original setup of the Klepper.

I have, like on most sailboats with a genoa or jib, two sheets that are connected to the sail and each one is lead around the mast and I have enough line to run back to the aft seat.

I have been on other boats where the genoa sail must pass around a second smaller jib. So not only must it pass out and around the mast, but also around the jib stay, what a pain.

On my kayak, it isn't difficult to control. Sometimes, when I sailed the Klepper, I got the sheets caught on things. If you do, you just have to climb out there and get it.

Make a 110% genoa sail, that would push the sq ft over the top. Not sure how to even run the halyard with the sliding gunther. Probably put a block on the end of the top spar and run the genoa up that way. Use only in very light winds, something like a spinaker.


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