Re: Day 21.....

Posted by Howard on Jul 24, 2005

keyhole cockpit looks nice.

gotta go do the morning paddle now...(so that i am home by 7:00 AM...before anybody wakes up)

keep up the good work.

one last point i remembered...when you get to installing your deck hardware, don't place any of the pad-eyes right on the area where you have a deck splice....unless you have gone out and bought longer stainless steel attachment screws. the ones provided by clc are carefully measured to only be long enough for a 4mm deck plus the lockwasher...and will not work if you happen to place one of the padeyes where the deck is 8mm thick.

also for sanding the deck...consider using a long board so that when you sand the area where the deck has the extra 2mm fibreglass get a finish that is not stair-stepped....but truly fair. not something you notice usually unless you are a perfectionist and watch the reflection of light on your finished yak...and want to avoid the slightest wave.


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