Butt Veneer

Posted by CLC on Jul 22, 2005

I think it's one of Karl N's beautiful Mill Creeks that has a narrow strip of veneer laid over the butt joints amidships. It's very subtle and quite beautiful.

I've also noted that the butt joints in those side decks tend to look worse at this stage, prior to deck trimming and fiberglassing, than they do once everything's finished up. A dab of woodflour-thickened epoxy in the joint will probably render it close to invisible when all is done.

(To Laszlo's observation, we specify silica for clamped wood-to-wood joints because it's too easy to make the woodflour mixes too thick, leaving you with a dry or "swollen" joint. The woodflour soaks up a lot of the resin you'd like to have penetrate the mating surfaces, instead. It's a small thing, though.)

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