Re: deck installation

Posted by Laszlo on Jul 21, 2005

My trick was to dry-fit the deck several times with ratchet straps. After the first time, I trimmed the deck to within 1/2 inch of the hull. The second time I drilled 4 1/4" holes through the deck into the sheer clamps and slid in a 2" piece of 1/4" dowel into each to peg the deck to the hull. Then I trimmed the deck to within 1/8" of the hull and fit the deck on again with dozens of ratchet straps and let it sit a few days to pick up the shape.

Finally, I did it all again with epoxy. The dowels gave me as close to perfect alignment as I needed and the severely trimmed deck did not crown. I got the whole thing put together without nails or an assistant. Once the epoxy had cured, I trimmed and sanded the dowels (which turned out to actually match the okoume color surprisingly well).


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