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Posted by Howard on Jul 20, 2005

I went with the key hole cockpit. It is larger than the standard cockpit but still quite small (relative to a chesapeake-style cockpit).

The arctic hawk in fibreglass with wilderness systems uses the keyhole design...and the picture of the arctic hawk that was on the cover of the clc catalog last year...was the keyhole cockpit.

as for a picture....i posted a picture on 20th of April this year on this site....

From a look/optics perspective...i think it looks great...and of course the big a little easier to get in and out of. With the normal litterally have to pull the boat on...and it is all but impossible to store stuff in the cockpit and access it while underway (think waterbottle or a pump) that would have to be up on deck.

now...another point...on the Arctic Hawk manual....

it is not complete with respect to details for mounting the keyhole cockpit. you will have to push the temporary arch (over which you bent the deck) forward another 3 to 4 inches that when you cut the deck for the cockpit will still have the deck support (which is not removed until after you build the coaming).

again the manual gets a bit confusing in this part...but it will all come together.

I am impressed with how fast you are this a full time endeavor?

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