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Posted by FrankP on Jul 14, 2005

Regarding the pics, I can't see them unfortunately, just a page that says "Pic" from the boatblogger page. I'm sure the boat looks excellent though, as most of them do.

As for the homemade paddle float, I am working on using the "water wings" floatation things kids wear on their arms. I read somewhere that they work really well, though I haven't had a chance to actually test mine out because I haven't finished a paddle (I'm building all of my paddles too) that they will actually fit the blade of yet. I'm almost there, but not quite. I think I spent $4 and got two pairs. I was thinking I could sew a "sock" for making one paddle float out of each pair and then have hopefully ample flotation. It may work with only one, but the ones I have are fairly small so I wanted to be sure. Plus they come in cool bright colors if I don't use the "sock" method.

I've heard of a few people using the closed cell foam swimming kickboards double duty as a paddle float (with homemade cinch straps) and a seat, but those are the seriously hardcore types. I don't think sitting on those could be very comfortable for long paddles, but they could be on a deck just as easily so...


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