Ready for water?

Posted by mullman on Jul 12, 2005

Well, here is my Pram. Don't get excited, she looks somewhat better in the photo than up close in person.

The bottom & outsides really came out great. Three coats of epoxy with very little runs and next to no bubbles.

The inside is a different story. So far 5 coats inside, but I just can't get rid of the tiny bubbles. Using a foam roller and tipping out with a foam brush, only 1 cup of epoxy at a time. I usually build up three coats, then get mad and spend a few hours sanding it smooth with 220 grit. Wipe with denatured alcohol, and epoxy again the next day.

Regardless, I think it is OK to use the boat don't you think? A few hours in a sunlight with the kids for a couple weekends should not breakdown the epoxy before finishing should it?

TIA for all advice, would never made it this far without the wit and wisdom of this list!