Re: flush hatch kit

Posted by LeeG on Jul 10, 2005

flush hatches are easier on paneled decks. Cut the hatch out, cut a spacer out of 4mm about 1" wide with the under deck edge rounded off. It can take two or four pieces depending on the shape of the deck and what you've got. One edge is rounded over because you don't need sharp edges inside . Glue recess under hatch hole. After it's cured trim inside edge of hatch hole. Make the recess out of 1 7/8" wide piece of 4mm,,7/8" for gluing on the spacer and 1" for the hatch to sit on which will get trimmed down to 3/4"-7/8" for the gasket. The 7/8" portion will also get an edge rounded down a bit so that when you reach under the deck with cold bare hands they don't get cut, also it's easier to wipe things clean. The 1" portion will get trimmed down for the 3/4" wide gasket material. You will need a piece of glass tape under the two pieces of recess that make a butt joint. Basically you're making the same kind of structure as the coaming stack but on the inside of the deck.

In Response to: flush hatch kit by Pete on Jul 10, 2005