passage maker dinghy

Posted by Jay on Jul 5, 2005

O.K., I really want to get and make this little guy (the passage maker dinghy) but I have a couple of problems. I now have a mill creek 13 which is really nice and a lot of fun. I take it to the lake on a single canoe trailer that can carry a max of 300#. I pull this behind my F150 (yeah I know a bit of overdue, you should have heard the yucks when I pulled it behind the f350 dually) anyway, back to my story, I'm wondering if anyone has any ideas as to modifying the canoe trailer to carry the little pram? Putting this thing on top of the truck just wouldn't work out with the height of the truck and the 90# weight. I think if I can get the transportation thing worked out as well as garage space I can get this little guy and get to work on it this winter after boating season is over. I think I enjoy making the boats as much as I do poking around the shore in them.

Thanks a bunch, Jay