Re: Dynel vs. Brass?

Posted by LeeG on Jul 5, 2005

The last well worn kayak I put stuff onto had the bow wear spot with 8layers (really) of 4oz s-glass going from 1/4" wide to 3/4" wide over a 8" stretch with fewer layers over 18". The stern had two layers of dynel over three layers of 4oz s-glass. The bow was worn about 2/3 the way, the stern was worn through the dynel and into the glass. I'm thinking the stern gets more wear than the bow over a shorter distance since the angle is steeper with lifted/dragged a few feet compared to the bow hitting land straight on. That kayak had the bow refinished with a cord of s-glass made from lengths of individual fibers bundled together with cabosil thickened epoxy and formed into place like the A.Hawk method, about 1/8" thick at the thickest,as it cures smooth out with alcohol dipped gloves and very little scraping/sanding to fair in. The stern was finished with a cord of dynel which looks like a big shoe lace about 1/8"x3/8". That kayak is out of my hands and hasn't been used much but it sure is going to last awhile. The last kayak had rubstrips from a piece of dynel cord with 1 1/2" kevlar tape stuffed through it. Soaked with cabosil epoxy then taped down hard on a recess. I think it gets down to what's thickest and how often,how far it gets dragged. I was thinking of soaking a 1/4" piece of regular yacht braid set into a recess as a wear strip but went with the brass strip for another kayak.

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