"Dirty" Fiberglass cloth

Posted by Monterey Matt on Jul 4, 2005

Boy, what dratted luck. I finally get a full day I can work on the boat, and the temperature is in the mid-50s...bad epoxying weather...

Anyway, the Good Yak Umunum has been stored in our only available dry storage for the last 18 months, an incredibly filthy garage (it's got dirt between the beams and is drafty, so while it was almost clean when the interregnum started, it ain't now.)

I had some of my fiberglass cloth in a plastic bag that flopped open, and it seems to have picked up a fine layer of dust. I only have reinforcements for the hatch covers to do, so I can just buy some new cloth if need be, I was wondering if there was a way to clean this off. I can vacuum it or something like that.

I'm guessing the epoxy will be fine after 18 months, the temperature in the garage went up and down a lot but it never freezes here and it never gets *that* hot, and it was all out of direct light.

Incidentally, I had a plastic bag of "clean" rags (bought from Jamestown) that was stored in a corner. Some truly industrious grubs of some sort got in through the bottom, and the entire bag was simply crawling with the descendants of same. Amazing what a bag o' grubs looks like. I have to use some old linen for wiping up for the time being...