The King of Silly Qs....

Posted by Monterey Matt on Jul 3, 2005

Hey, all.

So, I'm back to building my Chesapeake 18. I stopped in December 2003, just before the birth of my son, just after doing the end pour but before installing the hatches (I cut the hatch holes first, though.) So, basically "done", ha ha ha.

So without getting into all the reasons why I haven't worked on my baby for 18 months, let's just say I was well-intentioned and undersupplied with time, work space, and spousal support.

In any event, here's the king of stupid questions coming up.

I was looking around for my copy of "Zen of Making the Kayak" or whatever it's called, that great video John et alia put together, which was very good for helping me conceptually through the instruction manual.

I can't find the damn thing. Lord knows we've re-sorted the house and child proofed just about every room in the place.

So the dumb question is...what color is the spine of the DVD? I'm convinced it's sitting around someplace, if only I could remember what to look for.

- Matt, who will, with the Gods of the Umiak as his witness, launch the Ch 18 before the rainy season starts

PS -- yes, it's true -- all my construction photos were lost when my laptop literally went up in flames last year.