Re: CLC 14 needs TLC

Posted by Howard on Jun 14, 2005 it is a bit clearer.

what i would do is this....

- remove the float bags - vacume out/clean as best you can - sand whatever you can reach lightly - vacume out a final time

- would make a tool of a 4 to 6 foot stick with a plastic epoxy spreader on it...kind of like a hoe...but with less than a right angle

i would seal the wood with epoxy and do it in three steps.

- first i would do the bottom panels. i would make up a bit of excess epoxy....maybe two full cups....but keep it cool and in small batches so it does not set off. i would start with the bottom panels and tilt the boat let the epoxy run down to the bow...then tilt it the other way to get it to the stern.

i would then use my "hoe tool" to squeegee out the excess epoxy and pull it toward the cockpit...where i would then scrape/remove any excess.

i would put a layer of cloth in the cockpit area. i would do this by prewetting out an appropriate sized piece of cloth on a garbage bag/big piece of plastic....and then roll it into the cockpit area. add additional epoxy to wet out as required.

i would then repeat this procedure by placing the boat on first on its right side...then its left i would do it over three nights. you could do the bottom of the deck on a fourth night if needed.


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