Re: Hatch Seal Issues--

Posted by Mitch M on Jun 14, 2005

Pardon these observations from an old (not bold) kayaker and now sailboat boater--Leakproof hatch design on sailboats has been accomplished to withstand even 40 ft waves breaking on deck by the following : (1) entire perimeter of the hatch where it seals to the boat deck is lined with compressible weatherproofing such as the compressible rubber weatherstripping sold by J C Whitney auto parts for cars; (2) positive pressure is put on the hatch to keep it closed and water tight by a combination of screwdown 'dogs' which engage a locking mechanism and can be screwed completely shut. (such as- use 4 screwdown dogs on a circular hatch , located at 0 degrees, 90 degrees, 180 etc etc .) Check out the websites of LEWMAR or BOMAR for hatches. I cannot see that any combination of webbing straps would be able withstand the force generated on the kayak hatch by a capsize.

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