Re: Friggin' UPS!!!

Posted by epcprez on Jun 13, 2005

YO!! first off DO NOT throw ANYTHING away KEEP ALL PACKAGING MATERIALS !!!!!. Call ups and ask that an inspector come out. Take good pictures also !!Actually its the vendor who should call...but do it yourself....IF the vendor is a GOOD shipper with few problems...UPS will bend over backwards for them.,sometimes NO questions asked issuing on the spot credit over the phone..Some things dont work well on UPS belting systems, for some reason. I ship UPS daily at least 20 parcels a day UPS, along with DHL,FEDEX,TNT,BAX, etc domestic and all over the world.I stand by them 100%Somethings do not ship well, But its the vendors problem to catch on to this and package accordingly or find another forwader,also MAKE CLEAR you want someone to sign for the package( oops) next time.That way you could refuse anything funky. I get everything delivered to my workplace so I can inspect obvious damage, yes thats a slight inconvienence but worth it.Dont blame Brown

In Response to: Friggin' UPS!!! by J.Schott on Jun 13, 2005