MR MC13 Speaks!

Posted by Kurt Maurer on Jun 1, 2005

"Build a Skerry."

I could swear the original poster said something about a fixed income...? But hey, thanks for sharin'.

Anyway, as others have mentioned, I have a TON of experience in the MC13, in everything from ponds to open oceans to class 5 rapids on a wild river. It has never let me nor Lesie down in any way, shape or form, always bringing us safely back to shore if only to mutter "never again will I be so foolish..."

Having said that, I refer the original poster to the official CLC statement. I couldn't agree with it more.

Note: the MC13 is not a comfortable boat in such conditions as we see in the photo. I believe it's safe enough in the right hands, and perhaps even in the wrong ones. But it ain't comfy. It is terribly prone to wind because of its high profile, rocks violently because of its wide beam, and thumps to no end because of its flat bottom. It is a lovely boat in calm waters.

Pierce, don't do anything stupid, okay? Good.

Cheers, Kurt

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