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Posted by Howard on May 31, 2005

Little adjustments like this typically are ok....however, you just need to ensure that they will not effect some other element of the kayak....and that these adjustments are purposeful...that is, what you want to do. it is easy enough to get the bulkheads in the design your case...sounds like you just need to apply a bit of pressure to narrow your hull slightly.

That being said...i am generally more comfortable with adjusting the forward bulkhead slightly...vs moving the rear bulkhead.

Typically the back of the coaming structure coincides with the rear bulkhead...which provides a lot of strength in an area that can get significant compression. I often sit on the rear of the coaming getting in and out...and i am not sure how comfortable i would feel doing this if the bulkhead was not right there.

also, note that if you are moving the bulkheads towards the incease the amount of water you will take on in a capsize...and reduce your floatation. i do not think 2.5 inches will make a lot of difference...but you get the idea.

finally, prior to the making any moves like this, make sure you mark the original reference points. you want to make sure that you do not shift your cockpit opening to match the new bulkhead postion or your deckbeam will not be in the correct postion opposite the front of the coaming. you will also need to keep this in mind when locating your front hatch if you have one...that the cockpit is still behind where you want to cut the hatch out.

i would check in with clc....they are very familiar with their designs...and can tell you when a little adjustment is perhaps going a little too far.


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