Re: drying times schooner

Posted by Steve Miller on May 31, 2005

Schooner is known to have issues over fresh epoxy. I do not believe it is a blush issue so much as a time issue. Blush creation (uncured amines leaving the goo) does deminish over time so after a few weeks a good washing takes care of the problem and even Schooner cures out nicely on the first coat. Most guys do not wait that long and go for it in just a few days. Thus the slow cure.

I use Schooner and tend to wait weeks to varnish. The first coat is usually slow to dry but like Derek says the later coats are all fine. I like varnish and paint to cure for at least a week before use but thats me. Dry does not equal cured!

Captains varnish is reported to be much better about this. I plan on trying their Flagship product on the next job.

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