WR 18

Posted by M Davis on May 29, 2005

Hi Yall,

Finally got around to glassing the hull today. After reading all the many, many posts on the subject I was pretty well prep'd.

A few observations: The pour it on and spread it with a squeege works pretty well for the bottom, hard to control on the sides. I used a brush to put the epoxy on the most of the sides then went back over them with the squeege. BTW, I found a 6 inch rubber window squeege at Wal Mart that worked better then the plastic auto body filler squeeges, more flexible.

After I thought I was done I noticed several small blisters - thumb nail sized places where the glass was lifted off the wood. I was able to smooth them down with the squeege after the epoxey started getting tacky.

There have been a lot of threads concerning pulling tape to reduce problems with the edges. Has anyone had any experience pulling cloth to make it conform the the hull beter?

The glass draped over the stem OK. However,the dart at the stern didn't go well. That glass really likes to fray when cut. Right now I have the sides of the stern glassed and am planning on cutting some bias cut strips to cover the very back edge.

Oh yes, praise be to the discoverer of the carbide scarper. Saved many sanding discs and put a lot less dust into the air using that wonderful tool.

Brush & squeege fill coats tomorrow.

Happy building.



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