Correction, Mac...

Posted by Robert N Pruden on May 27, 2005

It was 21 years. The final day went very well. I ate and ate and ate till I had to get out of my street clothes and into my lab cover-alls just so I could accomodate my bursting belly. I did nothing but chat with friends and collegues for the first four hours after I got there. Left at midnight. Interestingly, company security deactivated my key card ID thingy before I left so I couldn't get out of the lab without the custodian's help. Maybe they didn't want me to leave after all. I banged teh door adn kicked it before the custodian came along and opened the door with a remote switch. I ran to teh motorcycle and sped off at top speed to get away. LMAO!

I left a note on the white board for my techie frinds to read as a last message to them - here is the message, it is a poem of sorts:

Good Bye and Hello

I walked through the labs one last time tonight They were empty hulks without the friends I hugged this afternoon My heart has already left the building My thoughts have already turned to the morning sunrise -when my life begins anew The future excites me but not nearly as much as my anticipation ...of meeting one of you on some unknown street corner one day to chat idly about past and present glories. Aloha!

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