Re: Pram daggerboard Q

Posted by Mark Camp on May 25, 2005

I hope you will get something more specific, from the design experts at CLC. They know the equations that tell you your answer.

If not, here's my priceless thoughts.

I wouldn't mess with daggerboard dimensions on any boat unless I was having problems with excessive leeway. I think increasing the length of a daggerboard without decreasing the width would increase total drag and slow a boat down. If the boat was well-designed to begin with (acceptable leeway), I would expect any decreased leeway upwind to not be worth the loss of speed.

(It is true that the daggerboard will be more efficient the more it is lengthened, because its aspect ratio would increase. The higher the aspect ratio, the less newtons of drag per newton of lift. See? I remembered something from science class. But wouldn't you need to reduce the width at the same time to avoid excessive drag? Then the trunk would be too wide!)

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