Re: B.B. Tailwind

Posted by Mac on May 25, 2005


I too, use a Tailwind (240 Evening), and have learned to love the 60 degree feather.

I've had a piece of 2 x 6 clear cedar in the garage for 2 years now and have CLC's Paddle Building 101 book.

I'm looking for any excuse to buy a decent bandsaw because I'm just too Terry Mcadams lazy to do all the wood removal by hand - although I'll probably end up doing it the hard way and loving the paddle more as a result.

So, I too would like to hear the results of your survey.

Who knows Karl, maybe appreciating Greenland paddles will lead us to building Skin on Frames? And looking for ice bergs? And trying real Eskimo rolls? And swearing in Innuit when we can't?


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