building my pram - one Q

Posted by mullman on May 18, 2005

I received my CLC Eastport Pram kit on Monday and dug right in.

Immediately, I am impressed with the quality and packaging of the kit - whoo hoo!

As of last night I have the first two planks (2 left, 2 right) stitched to the bottom and the front and rear transoms in.

Everything looks pretty good, but I am a little unhappy with the front transom fit and wanted to check before I proceed further.

The front transom is touching the bottom and side planks, but there are some gaps, maybe up to 1/8" in some areas. Also, the transom is not edge fitting to planks, just barely touching with the wood at an angle. IS THIS OK and will the epoxy fillets be strong enough to bridge this gap?

The rear transom by comparison came out great, lots of edge to edge,wood to wood contact everywhere.

Any help is GREATLY appreciated. I am taking lots of pics and will put on my site when complete.