Paint??? Where?

Posted by Robert N Pruden on May 13, 2005

FYI: The VJ is completely stripped of deckware and paint. Something about a 9" split along the keel brought me to my senses and I drydocked her. I am installing a new brass stem band to replace the ash rub strip along the keel though. Ash doesn't like getting beat up by river ice so I have to try using metal now.

I'm also considering rivetting iron plating to the sides of the hull, kind of like in the Iron Maiden tradition. I'm just not sure how well she'll float after that but at least the ice won't damage the hull once I'm done.


Hey, Mis, if it's any consolation - my racing kayak just split a seam and that was AFTER glassing and a few trial runs on the water. I was sanding it smooth when I noticed that my ROS was too enthusiastic and bit deeply into the weave along the portside of the sheer joint. Sigh, looks like I got more glassing to do.

Robert N Pruden

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