Re: Bring it!

Posted by Mac on May 11, 2005


I love the order into which you put your chores. ie: if I ain't workin' on the strongback, AND I'm gettin' the evil eye from she who must be obeyed, MAYBE I'll mow the lawn. MY MAN!

Naw, I can't make this one either - the kayaks are at the lake now (making the trip a good 10.5+ hrs) and I ain't as young as I use'ta were.

I WILL get to one of these shindigs one day 'cause they sound like they're a real blast and you're allowed to BS all you want - at least at the Texas ones. I hear some of the boats are kind of pretty too.

Man, I AM getting old - I used to drive 10 hours for pretty women, now it's for pretty boats!?!


In Response to: Re: Bring it! by Doug on May 11, 2005