Re: Foot braces

Posted by LeeG on May 10, 2005

If you have 6oz glass on both sides of 4mm okoume it's strong enough IF you make sure to seal the inside of the hole with unthickened epoxy. If the footbrace position can fit you butted up against the front bulkhead the torque on the holes is reduced substantially. Some folks go the extra mile and overdrill/fill/re-drill. For a sufficient overkill I'd drill the holes, put some tape on the outside, put the hull on it's side, sand around the hole and slather epoxy in/around the hole, then place a 2" diameter cloth over the hole, making sure the hole was filled with unthickened epoxy. When it cures, redrill then mount footbraces. If you think it will be hard to drill in the center of the solid epoxy then start a pilot hole. You don't have to use up a lot of 3" 9oz tape the length of the rails because the load is transfered from footrails to hull at the holes. That's why sealing the holes well is important. It reduces the crushing forces of the mounting screws if overtightened and helps provide a larger solid area for the screw than the thin hard skins of glass on either side.

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