Stick-on discs/power wash

Posted by terry on May 10, 2005

Attention all tool junkies!

I need some advice on two disparate topics:

1. As my usually feeble memory is unusually worse today, I think I recall someone metioning a few years back that a Porter-Cable ROS with a hook&loop pad could be easily converted to a stick-on pad sander by simply running the bare pad on some courser sand paper until the loops are gone. My ROS has been throwing discs more frequently. It's good exercise chasing the discs, and my cat thinks they're his frisbees, but it's getting old. So will the conversion work, or must I overcome my inertial thrift syndrome and buy a new pad?

2. I want to get a power washer to keep the pier/boats/house/spouse clean this summer. I want an electric one, as the noise/cost/maintenance of a gas unit deters me. Any suggestions? How much pressure do I need? Can these units double as water-piks?

Good advice appreciate; bad advice tolerated.