temperature drop

Posted by Mislav on May 9, 2005

Stiching and tabbing completed on my shell yesterday afternoon. Late in the evening I removed masking tape and epoxy seemed pretty hard, still somewhat sticky, but less than sticky paper. Nuw just overnight the temperature dropped for about 20 degrees and is now around 45 (8 degrees celsius). Needless to say that the forecast was between 60 and 70 for the whole week.

Stiching went great as I had beveled edges so they fit perfectly without a gap and there is just a small 1 mm wide groove visible on the inside to where I put (after wetting) very small fillet of not very thick epoxy, as per Dave's tabbing instructions. Unfortunately there wasn't any excess epoxy left where I could check the state of curing and I really wouldn't like to dig into my tabs with screwdriver.

Now I hesitate to remove the wires from obvious reasons, but at the same time I am afraid the epoxy might cure too much and don't accept fillet and glassing layers. Note that it's almost impossible to sand those small fillets without destroying them or damaging the hull. Any ideas how could I check the epoxy without removing wires and waiting for a SPROING?

BTW, the hull does look very beautiful. Even my father, who is an old-fashioned naval architect admit that.