Re: MAS vs SilverTip

Posted by CLC on May 1, 2005

>>>>>>>>>>>What differences have people who have used both MAS & Silverpoint epoxy found? Has anyone else had problems with Silverpoint?


I've been through barrels of both. Chemically they are virtually identical, and for all practical purposes they are interchangeable.

I've noticed that MAS is slightly lower in viscosity---very slightly. The SilverTip (never to be confused with System 3's old generic blushing blend) kicks a bit faster so maybe it doesn't sag on you as easily. But they're so close that I think I'd fail a blind test. Coke and Pepsi.

Neither suffer from amine blush in their "slow" hardener mix, so you can sand and apply paint or varnish almost immediately. This has been on my mind because this Spring I've fielded a dreary string of calls and emails from people experiencing varnish failure atop other brands of epoxy.

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