WR 18

Posted by M Davis on May 1, 2005

Thanks to all those who contributed to the last thread on this project (ring bulkheads).

Last night I finished tabbing the hull and filleting the cocpit bulkheads. The fillets in the keel and "chines" look like they will hold, but the tabs between the flatter joint don't have much bulk. I recall reading here that the hull really won't explode when the wires are removed after the epoxy cures long enough so that part I'll take on faith.

The ring bulkheads are still in place but not wired or glued. The plan is to remove them and see how much the hull shape changes. The aft one, #4, made a big difference in the volume aft and put a lot more curve into the shear clamps so it looks like I'll keep at least the top half. Will do the same for #1 to help shape the deck.

It was impressive how the panels fit and the bow straightened out when the edges were brought together properly. Next time I'll put the twist on the keel stitches on the inside since they'll get removed after tabbing. That will make the keel a lot easier to see whan checking for fairness.

Time to go peel the blue tape off the outside seams.



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