Posted by Ice - Phil on May 1, 2005

I screwed up trying to (my very thoughtful??)post with no subject. All I was saying was that we shouldn't get carried away with this safety thing. The guy went out in a borrowed kayak on an inshore puddle where you can walk ashore in most areas (100 yds. x 700 yds.) about 50 miles from me. Believe that the autopsy indicated that he didn't drown. His friend was standing on the shore and when he looked up, he saw that the kayak was upside down.

A VHF to call the USCG in either Philadelphia (a hour drive away) or Sandy Hook (a hour and a half drive)? An EPRIB? I have never seen a kayaker with an EPRIB. The guys I'm out with are not non-safety conscious but no one carries an EPRIB. From a professional standpoint (thousands of days at sea), I have had only one experience with an EPRIB and that is when a wave tore it off the Bridge and the sea activated the unit.

I am all for the 'Safety Discussions' since we have all seen someone doing stupid things on the water. The most important safety equipment is common sense, good judgement and a respect for the water.

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