Re: Toyota tie-down issue

Posted by Mac on Apr 19, 2005


Usually, if you crawl around under the nose, you'll find metal framing, bumper shocks or some such anchor point.

I think it is critically important that you have a bow line - no matter how you do it.

The Provincial Police in Quebec will stop cars whose roof loads are not tied to the front of the vechicle. The only exceptions seem to be those Thule coffins - and I've seen them smashed by the side of the highway too.

Kayaks cut through the air like knives - untill they skew (pivot) to one side due to crosswinds (gee, they weathercock even on a car!) or from the bow wave from a passing truck. Then all Hell breaks loose. Imagine having a 16+ foot rudder on a little vehicle at 70MPH, on an overpass?


Stern ropes are just as important - ask Kurt Maurer.

Gotta find a way...

I've gone overboard here, but this is close to my heart. Thank's for indulging..


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