Re: First K1 Paddling Rep

Posted by Kyle T on Apr 18, 2005

Hi Kurt,

Sorry for the late reply but I was in the garage building boats all weekend and didn't have time to log on.

Be advised that I am not the expert help you seek. I took a single class with an expert instructor and I believe that you should do the same. I must say that your experience sounds like a K1 for sure.

Sounds like Craig has a lot more experience that I do. Unlike Craig I was unable to sit idle in the water without flipping. As long as I was moving I could stay upright. I guess I was cheating.

The fact is that I took the class as continued education on my paddle stroke and will probably never even sit in a K1 again. Proper paddle stroke I got. K1 expertise I no got.

At any rate I wish you best of luck and hope you continue to enterain us with your future attempts to tame the beast.


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