Re: First K1 Paddling Rep

Posted by craig on Apr 16, 2005

Kurt it is a good idea to put a couple of float bags in a K1. They will sink. I know this for certain, and perhaps someday I will discuss pulling one off the bottom with a good current pushing everything into a tree. To empty a K1, start at one end as you start lifting turn it to one side, to break the suction, pour out as much water as possible and work your way to the other end, with the boat laying on the suface, and pour out most of the rest. you can them lift it up and dump out the rest. Good luck. I have seen two people who were able to hop in em and go, I chucked mine in the pool and work on my balance point every day. When I got to 10 minutes of sitting,I then spent a couple weeks on paddling it(to get past 50 feet. Then comes turns, then stretching your paddle stroke back out, currents, confused water, wakes, and so on.

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