Re: bow/stern deck glass

Posted by Scot on Apr 14, 2005

You want to tailor the cloth with "darts", too, so that nothing bunches up. Clothes pins also work well for gathering cloth at the ends. I also pre-cut round pieces of cloth (2" & 3" in dia.) These round patches will lay over pointy ends once you've trimmed the deck cloth at the ends pretty ruthlessly. Note: I do the final trimming once I've got the cloth all wet out. Don't do it before you start - just have it roughed in with, say, three inches hanging over the sheer. I'm not sure how CLC plans say to do it, but you can put the deck cloth on in two pieces. It's much easier for beginners that way. Do a neat lap at the narrow deck areas at the side of the cockpit. It's anxiety reducer. Also, mix small batches and move from the center to the ends. I use a squeege almost exclusively, too. I pour it on in a pattern and get to it, spreading it around. Brushes are too slow, IMO. Rollers worse yet. You know, if it's really a problem after you get going, do the ends at a later time! Leave the last 6" and do them with a big bias-cut(!) piece of cloth. You can feather it in nicely. Only you would know!

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