Re: Deck Varnish

Posted by Karl on Apr 13, 2005

There's been lots posted about this very subject. Largely it seems to be a matter of preference. The big names, Z-spar, Epifanes, etc. all seem to make good products. Just look for the UV protection. I used Epifanes gloss clear, which is a misnomer because it's hardly clear when you look into it in the can. Final sanding on epoxy was done with 220 grit, 320 grit wetsanded between coats of varnish, 400 wet after 3rd coat, and last coat (#4) went on without sanding. Seriously though, put in a search on this forum for varnish and you'll come up with more advice than you can shake a stick at. The real reason I used Epifanes was because it was on sale and I'm CHEAP! That being said, it's good stuff.

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