Re: Epoxy cures

Posted by LeeG on Apr 11, 2005

It doesn't dry. The reason for mentioning this is the expectation that time alone will allow it to "dry". You need to crank up the heat. But the telling clue is 'tacky in some places'. If it's mixed well it should be tacky in all places or cured in all places if the temperature is the same in all places. That you have a variation in cure tells me you have a variation in mix. A lot of folks mix in plastic containers that have dimpled bottoms,,that's a place where unmixed resin can hide. I'd get the heat up to 100degrees on the table top and if the tacky areas don't harden up then you're stuck with a soft top. I'm not too sure putting good epoxy on bad is a good idea but maybe you could scrape the soft spots off.

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