Re: Sealed Compartments

Posted by Mac on Apr 10, 2005

Just re-read this thread and you'll get a darned good idea of our collective .. uh .. oh, but man, do we have fun! As John sits there shaking his head like a benevolent old grandfather. We're making him old before his time.

Ken, I wish you could meet up with Monterey Matt and make a video together - you doing kayak gynecology and he practicing cowboy self rescues on the lawn where he works - "Mommy, is that boat having a baby? And why's that other man doing the nasty with his? Do they want a baby too?" Zen in there somewhere! (Along with a block plane). There has to be something magical about the crops grown in the lightless recesses of wooden boats - why else does John keep lighting them? Ah, the truth about Viking funerals and why Chesapeake Bay is soooooo laid back.

I feel the inevitable closing in as I stare at that perfrctly good hatch cover. So here's what I'm gonna do - try for a flush hatch by carefully cutting the perscribed opening and using that piece as the lid. If (after) I botch that up, I will simply slap on the already completed cover and listen to the kayak's designer giggle hysterically.

Thank's to ALL for indulging me while I rant in circles - I'll let you know how it worked out.



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