Hatch cover questions

Posted by FrankP on Apr 8, 2005

I have a question for those of you who've used flush hatches for a while.

I cut my hatches from the deck of my NorthBay after glassing and 1 fill coat and used the cutouts as my hatch covers.

I've read a lot about making sure the hatch cover maintains the deck radius and all that, but I don't see any need (on my hatches) to use the little doohickies that come with the hatch kit to "reinforce" the hatch cover. Are those to add strength to the cover or to maintain the radius? I haven't had my boat in the water yet (unfortunately) so I don't know if my hatches leak at all, but they seem to be making a pretty good seal. I also never had any issue with them not maintaining the radius, though admittedly the decks are fairly flat in the areas I put my hatches.

So should I go back and add those underdeck strips to the hatch covers or will they likely be okay just as they are?

Any comments on this?