I'm going to love this!

Posted by Karl on Mar 28, 2005

I took my CH 18 out for her first time this weekend. What was the expression? CAVU? Only the temp was about 45F, water temp around 35F with a good breeze kicking up some chop. Needless to say with my rusty, start of the season, skillset I didn't venture far from shore or stay out long. Initial stability was little less than my former tupperyak, but but even against a headwind and incoming tide, I was impressed with the speed, and glide. She tracks like a train, and I didn't yet try getting into any major leaning yet, (note the above weather conditions, not the ideal weather situation to go for an unplanned swim.) but it does appear to respond fairly well to the limited body English I applied. Room? I could set my butt onto the seat before pulling the second leg throuh the keyhole (36" inseam, size 14 foot). Now I just need to have a string of warmer weather so that I can get out onto some local flatwater for practice, before I go bigger.

I'll have new shots soon from the water, forgot the camera This weekend.