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Posted by LeeG on Mar 28, 2005

good question,,I like Howards solution. Whatever you do go back with scraper or 80grit to take off sharp edges then re-coat. There's no way you'll get a single strip of tape to fit in the bend without rippling up. It's easy to think something you don't see doesn't matter but if you can't run your hands around the compartment without getting cuts then whatever soft objects you put in there will also get cut/worn. Like fancy dry bags or specific shaped float bags that fit into the ends of a kayak. You might try this on the second kayak. Before getting goopy cut a bunch of diagonal strips off of the 6oz cloth. You could get quite a few strips from the corner of the 38" 6yd piece without getting into what's needed for the hull. You can get a cheap $15rotary fabric cutter from a fabric store and it's 10X easier than freehand cutting. Put the cloth on a 4mil sheet of plastic on your work bench with a yard stick or straight edge and you'll have a bunch of diagonal cut strips that will lay down perfectly without wrinkling in the ends. One piece of bias cut 6oz should be plenty inside that sharp corner but if you couldn't stand it you could put down two. The side benefit is that with a bunch of narrower strips you can lay them on the outside where the wear occurs on the ends. It's only about a 1/2"x 12". If you go with a short piece of tape then pre-wetting it and the wood will keep you from trying to wet-out the tape and send goop everywhere. And pulling pieces of cut threads back with the brush. If you use bias cut cloth all it takes is laying down a thick wet-out coat on the wood in the corners then pushing the cloth over it. Let it sit for a few minutes soaking up the 'poxy before trying to slather goop in there.

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