Re: Quality Check

Posted by Howard on Mar 27, 2005

looks fine.

the tape will give you a very uniform fillet.

the objective in putting epoxy into the holes with a tootpick is to seal the holes. you don't want to have bubbles or cavities below the glass...its a potential way for moisture to get into the hull. the holes will show up as dark dots.

the only way to make the holes invisible is not to make them. but your beyond that point. the next best thing is to fill them with something that matches the color of the wood. cabosill and woodflour can be tried. you could break off the tootpicks and sand them flush. or just consider them design accents and be on with it.


i would just fill them with epoxy and use that as my design accent.


In Response to: Quality Check by Matt Croce on Mar 27, 2005