Re: Footbraces

Posted by Mac on Mar 26, 2005


I had installed my footbrace bolts and covered the threads with masking tape prior to installing my deck. I've just finished completing the footbrace installation (rails, pegs etc.) Whew! That's some looonnngggg reaching. If I were to do it again, I'd do the complete footbrace installation prior to decking - making sure to cover them well with paper and tape (I cover the whole inside of the cockpit with brown paper anyway).

You may not be as circumferancially endowed as I (in fact I'm sure you're not), but any stuff you want to complete up in that area is much more easily accomplished without a deck.

I'm now into varnish on, wet sand varnish off, varnish on - where the heck was I? Wet sand off, varn- uh, how many coats is this? How come it looked so good with three coats and coat # 5 is all saggy? Wet sand varnish off - Zen this!

I'm working in the best light - the light at the end of the tunnel.

If this goes like last year, I'll grumble through two weeks of varnishing and then be so close to completion, I'll enter my "Fear of Finishing" phase and get really anal about outfitting the deck.

Kayak building is therapy - for all the neurosis developed building last year's kayak.

God, I love it!

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